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The Right Mistake by Walter Mosley

The Right Mistake
by Walter Mosley

Walter Mosley creates lovably flawed characters that resonate long after you’ve put down the book, and Socrates Fortlow is no exception.
A 60-year-old ex-convict, he’s still strong enough to kill men with his bare hands, but this street philosopher has much better things to do now than muddle in the kind of mayhem that earned him 27 years behind bars—he wants to reform his South Central L.A. world.

With the help of his gambler friend, Billy Psalms, he brings together local people of all races and social stations to create a Thinkers’ Club, a forum to discuss unanswerable questions and find ways to change the world, but even as tensions rise in this unlikely crew, Socrates and his followers actually start making a difference. Buy the Book
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