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In The Still of the Night by Andrea Foy

In The Still of the Night by Andrea Foy

In the Still of the Night: Personal Safety for Women for the Professional Woman Network (PWN)  Violence against women exists in all cultures, ages, religions, sexual orientations, educational backgrounds and income levels. The World's Women 2010: Trends and Statistics report from the United Nations’ Statistics Division’s reveals these key findings:

·       Violence against women is a universal phenomenon.
·       Women are subjected to different forms of violence – physical, sexual, psychological and economic – both within and outside their homes.
·       Rates of women experiencing physical violence at least once in their lifetime vary from several per cent to over 59 per cent depending on where they live.

In The Still of the Night includes over 100 personal safety tips for women including:

·       How to make your home safe when you are there and when you are not.
·       Safety tips for traveling in a car, bus, or train
·       Cruise safety tips for traveling alone or with a group
·       Safety tips for young women going to college

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Intimate Conversation with Andrea Foy

Andrea Foy is an award winning author of Hire Power; How to Find, Get, And Keep a Job. Her knowledge of business and professionalism comes from over 25 years of customer service experience working for companies such as McDonald’s, Sears, Delta and USAir Airlines, American Express Financial Advisors, Sharkey’s Modeling and Talent Agency and the Federal Government. She has a Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts/Communications and a Master’s in Business and Technology specializing in Management and Leadership. She lives in Ohio.

BPM:  When did you get your first inkling to write, and how did you advance the call for writing? Success leaves clues, whose clues did you follow on your journey?
My fifth grade teacher encouraged my parents to “Keep her writing”.  That was the first time I realized I had a gift. I wrote all the time and even majored in Communications in college.  Life took over and I didn’t write for years. I read a lot though.

BPM:  Do you have anyone in your life that was heavily influential in your deciding to become an author?
A self-published author encouraged me to ‘Just Do It’ at a book signing several years ago.  I started that night and haven’t stopped.

BPM:  What inspired you to write this book?  Does your faith or education inspire your writing?
I am a former flight attendant. Personal safety came to the forefront for me when another FA was killed on duty while I was in training.  That was a big wake up call. I felt a need to share some of my observations and experiences as a result.

BPM:  Is this the book you intended on writing or did it take on a life of its own as you were writing? How do you stay focused?
This is the book I wanted.  I stay focused by outlining and mind-mapping.  I get my thought out in front of my and go from there.

BPM: Who do you want to reach with your book and the message enclosed?
This book will help all women 12-102 and the men that love them!  So many people asked me if I was afraid to travel by myself, during and after the incident, so this book is the answer.  Pay attention to the little things, so you can live your life to the fullest and not be too afraid to do it!

BPM:  Ultimately, what do you want readers to gain from your book?
Self empowerment.  Don’t let anything stop you! See the world, be safe doing it!

International author: In the Still of the Night: Personal Safety for Women and Hire Power: How to find, get, and keep a Job.

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