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Liberation of Fear and Love by Christopher Gaskins

Author reading as a book introduction - Liberation of Fear and Love by Christopher Gaskins. Listen to the reading and share with friends:

Poet Artfully Captures the Rawest of Emotions in a New Anthology

Christopher Gaskins
pays homage to two of mankind’s most universal themes and marries the two through ingenious use of literary devices.  The true hallmark of prose poetry lies in its ability to seize the unattainable; to arrive at places that no longer exist, and lend voice to the unspoken. In Liberation of Fear and Love, Gaskins artfully captures the rawest of emotions and frees them via inventive use of language and engaging prose. One lyrical verse after the other, Gaskins’ poetry becomes the voice that erects pillars of social justice, engaging readers into a Socratic dialogue as they travel into a time of love and music.

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