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Intimate Conversation with Joan Early

Intimate Conversation Interview with author Joan Early

Look Both Ways
Susan Cross moves from Canton, Ohio to Houston, Texas after being promoted to head of production for a lending institution. Reverend Willard "Will" Cartwright is an accountant by trade, second generation minister and civil-rights activist. He confronts Susan on the first day of her new position and accuses her employer of discriminatory lending practices. The attraction is immediate, and so is the animosity. Susan tries to defuse the situation, compensate for mistreatment, and keep her career on track. Will wants to satisfy his congregation and his conscience, while dealing with his own loneliness and his fierce attraction to Susan.

Ella Curry of EDC Creations has a Intimate Chat with author Joan Early
Joan Early tapped into her creative side after a long career in Mortgage Banking and Mortgage Law. Growing up in Mississippi and having lived through the difficult emergence of blacks into the American mainstream, she drew on her past, her family, and the strains of her environment to write a short story entitled Faith that won first place in Ebony Magazine's literary contest. It was the encouragement she needed to pursue her dream. She and her husband own an automobile dealership and she finds inspiration during our business travels and the people she meets.

Ella: Joan, finish this sentence for me: I am Powerful because...
I AM POWERFUL BECAUSE my strength is reinforced by the grace of God, the teachings of my elders, the support of my family, and my own determination to be the very best.

Ella: Joan, why is it important to you to celebrate Black History 365 days a year?
Black History 365 days, few races have suffered the degradation of our African American ancestor. Their accomplishments, beginning with survival in the face of hopelessness, shows the strength of our character. Their suffering, diligence, and hard work earned us a place in this country and should stead us to greatness in their memory and honor.

Ella: Where are you from? How did you start your writing journey?
I am from Woodville, Mississippi, a small town just north of Baton Rouge. I grew up listening to stories read and told my grandmother. Her teachings expanded my knowledge and curiosity about the the world around us. I have read and traveled extensively and find great pleasure in weaving the threads of my experiences into stories that I hope will entertain and inspire others.

Ella: What makes your book, Look Both Ways, stand out and would entice a reader pick it up?
Look Both Ways
stands out because it addresses many problems faced everyday by African American men and women with demanding careers, who also need love and companionship. The story also deal with the hot topic of lending practices. I drew on many years experience in mortgage banking and mortgage law to provide insight in a newsworthy topic that is essential to our success.

Ella: What would you say has been your most significant achievement as a writer?
Every phase of my writing career had been significant beginning with a first place win in Ebony Magazine's short story contest, and being accepted into the Genesis Press family. I inspire to entertain while sharing knowledge and experience that might help other. I was greatly moved when a medical professional used my explanation of a mental disorder to help a young patient.

Ella: What advice would you give a new writer?
I advise future writers to expand their knowledge, their vocabulary, and prepare to endure. I self-published my first book, which I consider one of my best works, without sufficient knowledge of the procedure. This is why I advise new writers to research before committing.

Ella: What can we expect from you in the future?
I have another romance novel, Sara's Reward, available in e-book at I have two upcoming releases with Genesis, Fireflies in October and Oak Bluffs nearly next year. I am working on two stories for Genesis and a serious novel that chronicles early struggles of tragedy and triumph during the struggle for civil rights.

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