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PSYCHO: a Miki Starr short story series

PSYCHO: a Miki Starr short story series gets mad love from Facebook readers

"Ingenius, Miki, this is absolutely ingenuis. Can't wait for more..."
- Aisha Moore, poetess

"Miki Starr Martin is doing metafiction, and doing a damn fine job at it to boot..."
-Shonell Bacon, author/editor

From the twisted mind of author Miki Starr Martin comes the story of pyschotherapist Nicollet Madison Fairway who is charged with the responsibility of treating fictitious characters. Problem is, they don't seem to want to be helped.

Synopsis: Dr. Nicollet Madison Fairway is a fictitious psychotherapist straight out the mind of authoress Miki Starr Martin. Problem is - she doesn't realize it. Dr. Fairway has created a very lucrative business counseling fictitious characters through a system that has been dubbed, The Fairway Method. She's been very successful in her treatment of many very notable fictitious characters from Eric Jerome Dickey's character Arizona, to the late Alex Haley's character Ruthana, and many other's in between.

Now, Dr. Fairway has decided to take on a new adventure in the healing of fictional characters - creating a group containing all characters of one author, in this case her very own creator, Miki Starr. Unfortunately this is a much greater undertaking than the good doctor could have ever suspected. Between the troubles between her and her own family, a family filled with arrogant self-serving doctors, and her bickering clients, Dr. Fairway is doing all that she can to hold on to her own sanity while trying to help her clients find a piece of their own.

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Miki Starr Martin
author/designer/web production artist


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